Part 1:

Ten Years After
the Soviet Collapse

The people of Russia are the best mirror of their nation. In 1990 producer Reese Erlich interviewed many ordinary people in the USSR. He went back to find some of them this year and learned how their lives have paralleled the achievements and disasters of the new Russia.
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The Free Spirit The Entrepreneur The Blue-Collar Worker
Anna Berkut

Anna Berkut was a free-spirited intellectual until the mafia helped wreck her life.

Yuri Kostin

From low-level editor to founder of Moscow's most popular rock station in ten not-so-easy lessons.

Andre Guantinfa

Workers had to strike at Andre's factory because some managers were accused of stealing company assets. Free markets look different from the factory floor.

Walter Cronkite Remembers From Activist to Ambassador Capitalist Architect
Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite remembers his years as a foreign correspondent in Moscow.

Yuri Scherbak

In 1990 he was a Green Party activist in Kiev; now he's a high government official and supporter of Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, a man linked to charges of corruption and political murder.

Bruce Macdonald

This American went to Moscow to set up the BBDO ad agency, but found a lot more than advertised.

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