Radio Documentaries

Walter Cronkite, Host
Reese Erlich, Producer
Anya Ardayeva, Correspondent
Simon Marks, Correspondent
Kristin McHugh, Correspondent
Keith Porter, Correspondent
Nenad Sebek, Correspondent

Ken Mills, Marketing
Rima Snyder, Sound Engineer

Special thanks to Elena Ostrovskaya, Tatiana L. Shaumian, Vinay Shukla, Vladimir Sotnikov, and Fred Weir for assistance in Moscow and Charles Maynes and Cliff Brockman in Iowa.

Web Site

Amy Bakke, Creative Director
Andrew Burnette, Webmaster
Loren Keller, Writer/Editor
Linda Novak, Transcription
Margo Schneider, Copyeditor
Eileen Schurk, Program Assistant
Jim Yoon, Senior Webmaster

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