The Russia Project - Radio and Online Stories a Decade After the Soviet Union
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Part 1:
Ten Years After the Soviet Collapse

In 1990 Reese Ray Erlich interviewed a number of ordinary Soviet citizens. Now he has gone back to discover how their lives have paralled the ups and downs of the new Russia. Among the people featured:
  • Yuri was a radio reporter who ended up founding Moscow's largest rock station.

  • Andre's entire factory almost closed when the bosses were allegedly caught stealing company assets.

  • Anna is unemployed after the mafia destroyed her business.

Also in this section, Walter Cronkite remembers life as a Moscow correspondent. 
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Part 2:
Can This Be Democracy?

Is Chechnya part of the world struggle against terrorism? Will the US and Russia become long-term allies? Learn about these and other topics, including:
  • the looming disaster created by spent nuclear fuel.
  • the disintegrating Russian military.
  • the Americanization of Russian pop culture.
And see these special reports:
  • What ever happened to the Soviet dissidents?
  • Walter Cronkite and Vladimir Pozner discuss press freedom.
  • The last ten years: a Russian timeline.


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