The Ken Mills Agency (KMA) is owned and operated by Ken Mills. Ken and his associates create, market, and provide strategic assessment of radio programs. The company specializes in public radio programming.

KMA's clients generally fall into one of three groups: radio programming producers, radio stations, new media providers, and organizations that fund public radio programming initiatives.

KMA is independent of National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Radio International (PRI), though KMA has worked in association with both networks. Unlike NPR and PRI, KMA requires no membership or affiliation.

KMA helps producers create and evaluate radio programming and maximize the success of programming. KMA assists producers in assessing the performance of programs and in setting audience and carriage goals.

KMA works with station gatekeepers to make certain that program schedules keep core listeners tuned to the station and to increase listener loyalty. KMA advises station program decision makers on which programs are the best fit for their schedules and market areas.

KMA provides companies and funding organizations with scenarios for reaching a significant number of listeners via radio programming, broadcast stations, and new media.

Current and recent KMA clients include Common Ground; the Stanley Foundation's Iran Project; The DNA Files with John Hockenberry; Film Week, public radio's weekly program on movies and video; the Planetary Society's Human Exploration of Space: Fact & Fiction; American RadioWorks' "Revisiting Vietnam"; and

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Ken Mills Agency
1635 Kelly Drive
Minneapolis, MN 55427
Phone: 763-513-9988
Fax: 763-513-1689

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