Nenad Sebek
Nenad Sebek

Born 43 years ago in Belgrade in what was THEN Yugoslavia. Still prefer the country that is no more to the current one bearing the same name. I grew up in Ghana (West Africa), Germany, and all over my former homeland. Stumbled into journalism through love—actually, through chasing a girl who was a journalist. The girl dumped me, but radio became the second most important thing in my life. Love still takes first place. Started cutting my teeth as a cub reporter in Radio Belgrade's student program at 17 and went on to become its editor in chief. Also hosted and edited a weekly four-hour youth live program for two years. Then worked as a reporter, host, and editor on Radio Belgrade's national program. Dumped it all in 1986 and left for London to join the BBC World Service (WS) where I worked for ten years as producer, host, and editor in what was still the Yugoslav program. As my former country fell apart, I focused on working for English language programs in the BBC WS as producer and senior producer (NewsHour, The World Today, Central Talks, and Features). Covered the bloodbath and carnage in the former Yugoslavia as a special reporter for BBC WS in 1992-93, saw more evil than one should, but c'est la vie.

Was biting my fingernails in the BBC newsroom as The World (BBC, WGBH, PRI) was formed at the end of 1995 and jumped at the opportunity to be their Balkans' correspondent. Since the fall of 1999, I have been reporting for The World from Moscow, but had the great pleasure to hop back to the Balkans and report on the downfall of Slobodan Milosevic and his arrest six months later. Contributed also to newspapers, magazines, and television, but will never betray radio, the queen of all the media. Interested in sound and experimental radio programming.

Loves reading, classical music, theatre, gliding, and traveling. Oh, and my wife Ljiljana, first and foremost! And not just 'cause she's going to read this. Believes in Lady Luck, especially if you're willing to court her. Lucky number 4...well, maybe also 13. Find it difficult to make up my mind. Believes the best is still to come.

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