Andre Guantinfa in park One weekend my family and friends from the Yasnogarsk Machine Factory went for a picnic. We wanted to share some of our photos with you. Andre barbecuing shashlik I'm barbecuing shashlik on the grill. Don't be fooled by the serious look. Family and friends having a picnic It was a hot summer day, and we all relaxed. But now that it's the Russian winter, no more bathing suits outdoors. Partying on the bus to Revyakino Another day a group of workers went to the metal workers' housing area in the town of Revyakino. We partied in the bus on the way down. Sky diving in Revyakino When we got to Revyakino, some local parachutists wowed the crowd with their precision skydiving. I've always dreamed of parachuting, but never have. Andre and portrait of Lenin Back at our makeshift office across from the factory, I and two other workers review every invoice and bill passing through the factory, just to make sure no one is stealing company property. We left the portrait of Lenin hanging where it had always been. It's part of our history. Julia reading the newspaper My office colleague Julia stays abreast of the news.